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Part of successful labrador training comes from understanding the breed, it's temperament and characteristics. So let's begin... Labradors are a lively, carefree and attentive dog breed. They are very alert and playful and enjoy lavishing affection on their owner. Labs are extremely lovable and will work hard to please. Labradors are highly intelligent which makes Labrador training easy. Furthermore, the breed excels as show dogs and at dog sporting events. In fact, Labradors are happy in the great outdoors and love to swim. This is because the breed was bred for hunting both on land and in water. A Labrador is very energetic and is the perfect compliment to an active family. Labradors is another name for Labrador Retrievers and is, therefore, the same breed. The History of Labradors Contrary to popular belief, Labradors were...

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Labrador Breed Information

Labrador Care

Labrador Care – Simple Routine

Labrador care is easy when you make it a regular routine. The following are all the basic care tips you need to keep your Lab healthy and happy. Labrador Care Tips Squeaky Clean –...

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